Oxford City Council Consult on CIL increases

29th January 2018

Oxford City Council City Executive Board approved a consultation on increases to the CIL Charging schedule at its meeting on Tuesday 23rd January. The Preliminary Draft CIL Charging Schedule will be released for a six week consultation period in February. The Council is proposing to increase its Charging Rates to £200 per square metre for Residential, Retail or Student Accommodation compared to its 2018 rate of £125.93. The charges will also be increased or Employment, Hotels, Residential Institutions and other forms of development to £50 per square metre compared to the 2018 rate of £25.18.

The Council proposes to submit these changes for examination alongside the Emerging Local Plan 2036 in Spring 2019 with adoption envisaged for July 2019. The changes to the CIL charges will impact upon development proposals in the City in terms of the viability of schemes. Representations can be made to the Council regarding the proposed changes once the document is formally released for consultation. If you would like Edgars Limited to make representations on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact the Team on 01865 731700 or enquiries@edgarslimited.co.uk.

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